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RedTriangle Paul Alexander
Paul Alexander
Managing Director
RedTriangle Stuart Addis
Stuart Addis
Operations Director
RedTriangle Warren Kearnes
Warren Kearnes
General Manager SA
RedTriangle Shaun Kimpton
Shaun Kimpton
Head Of Mining Sales
RedTriangle Jack Devitt
Jack Devitt
Head of Energy


Storm are quick to respond and are competitive across a broad range of product categories we regularly procure, it is a pleasure to work with a company that provides a single point of contact for all our needs and takes the time to visit site in person to understand the challenges we face and can offer cost effective solutions to them.  

Storm has provided us with significant cost savings and streamlined our procurement processes, professional, pragmatic and always willing to go above and beyond Storm Procurement’s service is exemplary. Our engineers Upstream enjoy the simplicity of a single point of contact for all requirements. 

Our buying team regularly report that Storm is cost effective and a pleasure to deal with, able to offer not just the product but has facilitated consultations and training on our remote sites, we are very happy with their service and would not hesitate to recommend them.  


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