Headshot--Paul-A Paul.Alexander@Storm-Procurement.Com
Paul Alexander
Managing Director
Stuart-Final Stuart.Addis@Storm-Procurement.Com
Stuart Addis
Operations Director
Kimpton-Final Shaun.Kimpton@Storm-Procurement.Com
Shaun Kimpton
Sales Director
Warren-Final Warren.Kearnes@Storm-Procurement.Com
Warren Kearnes
General Manager SA
Final-JD Jack.Devitt@Storm-Procurement.Com
Jack Devitt
Head Of Energy
Emily-G Emily.Griffin@Storm-Procurement.Com
Emily Griffin
Head Of Finance
Rowley-Headshot Lee.Rowley@Storm-Procurement.Com
Lee Rowley
Expediting & Logistics Manager
Final-HA Hannah.Alexander@Storm-Procurement.Com
Hannah Alexander
Marketing Manager
Headshot--Slim-1 Slim.Loghmari@Storm-Procurement.Com
Slim Loghmari
Business Development Manager
Sam-Final-1 Sam.Corrie@Storm-Procurement.com
Sam Corrie
Deputy Sales Manager

Corporate Culture

We have a strong culture here at storm which is nurtured through regular socials and events hosted by our dedicated Social Team.


We take pride in growing and nurturing talent, so we offer training and progression to help retain great people and push them forwards in their careers.


You’ll have the opportunity to learn from people who are experts in their field, which is great for your professional and personal development.