We offer a dedicated and outsourced solution aligned with your company’s operations, capabilities and requirements. We will set up a pre-agreed service with terms, conditions and methodology, which often includes Storm personnel assigned to your operations.

The aim of this service is simple - we source the right products, quickly and effectively at the best possible price. We will act as a single point of contact (SPOC); meaning we will deal with all requests and inquiries you may have; you can email your account manager directly you will be assisted immediately and they will take care of everything you need.

By offering on-site support, we take on the challenges you face. We always take opportunities to visit our clients, but with on-site support, we are already there with you every step of the way. An on-site team allows us to proactively work together with you, to ensure that the daily operations on-site are maintained to the best standards possible.



Manual Integration

The fastest set-up with the on-site team manually
sending data sets via an automated import system
into our software which is then actioned through our
purchasing process.


Partial Integration

This offers slightly more integration and automation
reducing staffing costs, but is still predominantly
manual but with shorter set up than full system


Full Integration

The most desirable option with reduced processing
times with an on-site team to ensure efficiencies,
end-user assistance and discrepancy management is


We believe its important to understand each of our client’s needs. For that reason, we have industry specialist in-house teams with
strong procurement and industry knowledge to provide you with the best service possible.

Designed to complement your internal procurement team’s strategy, allowing them to send us your ad hoc RFQs either
through direct email communication, electronic bidding, or online tender platforms.

We are happy to build framework agreements to work with you as a partner, delivering an integrated relationship and
bespoke procurement model, to manage planned demand through call off orders and scheduled fulfilment.

We’re always working on enhancing our reporting capabilities. Our clients can analyse data such as spend by month, top
10 products, categories and manufacturers, invoice reports and much more.

Our strong relationships with suppliers means we can pass on great cost reductions to you, greatly reducing your overheads.
We lower your sourcing costs as we have access to over 7,000 quality brands and over 2.5 mil
products online.

With our own warehouses positioned globally and established sourcing, logistics and packing specialists we can ensure packages reach you securely and as fast as fast possible.


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