Business Trips- June 2024

Business Trips- June 2024

June has been another busy month for Storm Procurement, and we’ve been across the globe attending different exhibitions and conferences. We’d like to share the highlights from these events and reflect on what we’ve learned during this time and how these experiences allow our team to expand their industry knowledge and enhance the solutions and services we provide our clients.


Ivory Coast

Our Head of New Business Slim and Brad our Business Development Manager headed over to Ivory Coast to meet with some of our valued, existing clients, to enhance and develop business relationships. As well as explore new business opportunities. We are always considering how we can expand our services and improve our offerings to benefit our client's supply chain and procurement needs.
We also value the importance of learning about the local culture and visiting the local areas, to better understand the heritage of the countries we work with. Slim and Brad had the opportunity to explore the local area and visit the capital. Including one of the largest natural jungles, Banco National Park. They hired bicycles and had a great time exploring, meeting people living in the area, as well as learning about the wildlife that lives within the park.


Ivory Coast Trip



Our Managing Director, Paul, SA General Manager, Warren, Business Development Executive, Yolandi, and Finance Director, Shaun attended the WAMPEX exhibition this month with our local joint venture partner, GlobalNet Procurement. The exhibition was a great success, where the team met many of our clients and other industry professionals as well as met new clients, to explore the opportunities that are available to enhance our services. They connected with a diverse group of attendees at WAMPEX, which was a great opportunity to build relationships and explore new business opportunities.
The show provided a valuable platform to expose team members to the event environment and gain insights into their passion for the business. Yolandi's second trip to Africa was particularly successful, and she did an incredible job representing our company. WAMPEX offered valuable insights into the dedication and industry understanding of our local team.


Wampex Exhibition Team Photo


Energy Exports Conference

Slim also attended the Aberdeen Energy Exports Conference this month, meeting with global energy leaders. This conference provided the opportunity to strengthen relationships with existing clients, as well as meet prospective new clients.


The theme for the conference this year focuses on renewable oil and gas. At Storm, we understand the importance of exploring clean energy and alternative resources. It was an invaluable opportunity to listen to key speakers discuss a variety of industry topics including:

  • Carbon capture and nuclear new build
  • Opportunities in key global energy markets
  • Hydrogen energy
  • Offshore and wind power
  • Innovation of technology
  • Siemens Energy
  • Networking after the event
  • Decommissioning
  • Investment


At Storm, we believe it’s important to make necessary business trips to learn more about the industries we serve and speak with fellow professionals to expand on our knowledge and skills. We look forward to the upcoming exhibitions and trips we have lined up for the remainder of the year and we’ll be sure to share the news with our readers.


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