Our General Procurement service caters for day to day procurement requirements. The aim of this service is simple - we source the right products, quickly and effectively at the best possible price. We will act as a single point of contact (SPOC); meaning we will deal with all requests and inquiries you may have; you can email your account manager directly you will be assisted immediately and they will take care of everything you need. Included in our services are Category Management, P2P Process Management, Vendor Management, Tail End Spend Management and Inventory Management {including vending solutions}.

When you work with us at Storm you have immediate access to Global Sourcing, we have a wide range of suppliers based all around the globe; we hold strong supplier relationships which guarantees efficiency, price stability and reduces your risk.

When placing an order with Storm you have complete transparency of status; you will have 24hr access to status reports which allows you to gain deeper insight into each order with a time line which goes from RFQ to Delivery including dates and references and also includes Freight-Forwarder collection information for our warehouses to see when and who your order was collected by.

We are happy to build framework agreements to work with you as a partner, delivering an integrated relationship and bespoke procurement model, to manage planned demand through call off orders and scheduled fulfilment.