The Steps We Are Taking To Improve Our Services
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The Steps We Are Taking To Improve Our Services

To meet the challenges of our growing business we have been working hard over the last 10 months to implement a new internal Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) allowing us to better serve our clients.

We are always looking to improve the services we provide, and we do that by building strong relationships with our clients. At Storm Procurement we understand that the only real way of doing this is to investment the time and effort needed to understand the challenges our clients face.

We chose Dynamics365 to help us gain an insight into the requirements of our clients allowing us to continue improving our business operations to suit their needs. It’s an incredible piece of technology which integrates with our existing custom-built systems meaning there was no interruption or negative impact to the services we provide upon go-live, something which was really important to us on embarking on this journey. We actually went live with Dynamics365 on the 15th July and the transition has been seamless.

We are now using dynamics to train and develop our staff in account management alongside their existing experience and industry knowledge to improve the services we provide. We aren’t the biggest procurement company out there, and we don’t want to be. What is important to us is the service we provide and the people we work with (both our colleagues and our clients). Ensuring we remain as relatively small teams in each office location means our staff and clients (and staff) will never be just numbers to us. We care about what we do around the globe, and we are always taking steps to improve ourselves, our processes and our services, our new CRM is just part of this.