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Storm News - Charity Sponsorship Ghana

We are pleased to announce that at the latter end of 2016 Storm Procurement began an ongoing sponsorship of two school children in the Akyem Ntronang and Yaayaso Amanfrom communities in Ghana.

Storm is committed to supporting the local communicates in the regions that we operate in. The scholarship programme operates primarily by BNIP in the Birim North District where the poor make up nearly 20% of the population. This is an area where children have little access to education due to their poverty and there is a  shortage of schools.

We chose to support 2 children from this region as students are often from poor families who cannot afford their schooling. Children tend to drop out of school early because the cost of education is high compared with the income of families.

These costs include school fees, school maintenance, insurance, books, pens and uniforms, many of which have to be paid at the beginning of the school year. It is common for people in this area to have jobs which pay by the day; therefore, it is difficult for parents to pay out large sums at once, especially in families with three or four children.

As a result of this on an ongoing basis, Storm will be supporting 6-year-old Agyei and 13-year-old Charity education and any supplies needed for the academic year.