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Storm Kazakhstan Partnership

We are excited to announce that we have appointed Storm Kazakhstan LLP, as an exclusive distributor.


Our Exclusive Distributor

After a very successful 2021 for Storm Procurement, we are witnessing first-hand how our company can rapidly grow, with developments in our clientele and demand for our products and services at an all-time high.

Although this growth has been an exciting time for us, the coronavirus has bought many uncertain times within the business, especially globally. However, at Storm, we do not want this to stop us from supplying customers and giving them the best attention and support that they require, no matter where they are based.

With this in mind, we are excited to announce that we have appointed Storm Kazakhstan LLP, as an exclusive distributor.

This partnership now means that we can distribute within both Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan territories. This also means that current and future clients in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan have local access to our distributor, providing them with ease of access and a direct point of contact.

Here at Storm, we are excited to watch the growth and developments of Storm Kazakhstan. We will offer continued support and are confident that by working closely with the Storm Kazakhstan team we will ensure that we collectively offer the highest levels of efficiency and service to our customers.

This is an exciting venture for all of Storm as Kazakhstan is now seen as the next ‘mining hotspot.’ The mining sector in Kazakhstan contributes around 20% to its GDP and represents about 19% of overall exports. It is the world’s leading producer of uranium and one of the world’s leading oil-producing countries, with over 80 million tonnes of oil and gas condensates produced annually.

However, more than half of Kazakhstan’s mining equipment is often outdated and in need of repair. Therefore, with the new partnership of Storm Kazakhstan, mining companies can source products from a recognised and reputable company knowing they are getting the highest service and quality products.

At Storm, it is our mission to know each of our clients personally as every client differs in their goals in what they want to achieve. These visits are key for us so we can build and maintain relationships and explore new opportunities with them. Maintaining face-to-face interaction is also important for us so we can discuss their needs and support with the breadth of our capabilities.

This partnership has meant that we can still build and nurture those relationships within Asia as COVID has bought challenges in enabling us to visit clients regularly.

As a company that is dedicated to providing procurement, supply, and logistical services to all markets, we are very excited to watch this partnership grow, bring in new clients, and help customers in sourcing and supplying them with the best quality products with our many suppliers.

This is an exciting journey for Storm Procurement, and we are excited for more global ventures in the future.