Introducing Sam Davies
Introducing Sam Davies

Storm Procurement is excited to announce a new member of our team, Sam Davies, Sourcing Specialist Manager, in our UK office.

Sam is an expert in everything sourcing. He will help Storm to become more efficient in our sourcing processes and find the best possible prices for our clients.

Sam began his career at an engineering company and within a year, ran the ‘Spare Parts’ department. Working there for over 11 years, he went on to manage the department across two locations in the UK. Through this role, Sam has developed a comprehensive understanding of the procurement and logistic industries and the ability to build strong, professional relationships with stakeholders, which will be key in developing relationships with Storm’s suppliers.

Whether in his personal or professional life, Sam likes a challenge. By pushing himself out of his comfort zone, Sam can thrive off results and see positive changes. This is evident in his passion for long-distance running.

When asked what has been more valuable for his career, education, or experience, Sam believes it is a bit of both. “University education gives an in-depth knowledge of your specific degree but also you learn numerous life skills.” But he is also a big advocate of learning on the job. “I am someone who wants to know how things work, and I strive to learn more through experiencing new things.”

Keeping calm under pressure is what Sam believe is one of his greatest strengths. Juggling so many different demands in previous roles whilst managing departments has proven he can keep calm in challenging situations.

Sam can see the challenges occurring for global supply at the moment, but with the development of technology, he knows the industry will continue to grow. Joining Storm, Sam is also excited to see how we will grow, as he can see how quickly we have grown in the last few years. He believes this new role projects Storm Procurement’s ambitions as a company and is excited to be involved in every step.

We know Sam will be a valuable asset not only to our team but to our clients as well, with the ability to get the best products on the market at the best price.

If you have any questions for Sam, please introduce yourself and get in touch!