Introducing Raymond Hills
Introducing Raymond Hills

Storm Procurement is excited to announce our new appointment of Technical Account Manager Raymond Hills in our UK Office. Raymond specialises in pumps and accessories and has experience spanning over 20 years in the industry. We recently conducted a ‘get to know you’ interview with Raymond to show off his capabilities and truly vast expertise in his field.


Introducing Raymond Hills

Raymond’s career started 23 years ago in an irrigation company in South Africa, learning about pipes and sprinklers. From the offset, he was immersed in his role, digging trenches for pipes and installing fittings. This proactive experience gave him the ability to go on to install full-irrigation systems and gain even more knowledge about pipes.

Raymond holds this experience with the utmost value. Being on the ground and gaining practical experience has taught him what he knows today. He considers getting your hands dirty and thrown into the deep end is always the best way to learn. He also believes in “listen[ing] to the generations that came before you, you will learn more than you know.”

This immediate hands-on experience is also what made Raymond fall in love with this industry. He stated that as soon as he started designing various irrigation and pump systems and dealing with an array of different clients, he knew this was the field for him.

In 2003, Raymond joined another team as an internal salesman specialising in all types of irrigation products, including pumps. His responsibilities included the in-house designing of irrigation systems as well as full product support for clients. Raymond believes that building relationships with his clients is what drives him to be successful. He takes time to get to know each client, what they enjoy and truly getting to know them as a person. This can then help to understand their requirements fully. This is Raymond’s secret to success and what he believes to be his biggest strength.

“I believe if you can step out of your own shell and support those around you, your success will be guaranteed.” Adding value to others is what builds him to be the best professional he possibly can be.

“When you are truly committed to what you do, you can never fail!”

His connections with clients further developed his love for the industry and he believes dealing with face-to-face customer relationship building is what made him who he is today.

This period of time is where his career thrived due to gaining a further understanding of the industry. His knowledge also flourished due to attending many irrigation and pump design courses. After three years he was promoted to an external sales technician and relocated to Pretoria, South Africa. In 2012 Raymond undertook the SABI Agricultural introductory course allowing him to focus his attention on the Agricultural market, learning how to design various installation types.

Shortly after undertaking this course, he was approached by a company in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he relocated in January 2013. Raymond was an External Sales Engineer, but after only a year in the role, he was promoted to Acting Branch Manager of Standard Sales. He attended various training courses which included food process pumps and pump system design products in Germany.

After so many years of uncovering more about the industry, Raymond still felt the need to expand his expertise, especially regarding different pump applications. He relocated in April 2015, which provided him with the platform to grow his career and his knowledge in pumps and pump systems.

This path has led him to today, where in June 2022, he made the appreciable decision to relocate to the United Kingdom and join Storm Procurement. Raymond states, “my journey now takes me to a dynamic company far from home for me to offer all my years of fundamental experience in the Mining, Industry and Agricultural markets.”

With such value and an array of knowledge and experience, we asked Raymond his advice for anyone interested in joining this industry. He believes that you should commit 100% to what you do. Job satisfaction is the most important thing in being happy. Also, creating long-lasting relationships is key. “Be a sponge, absorb and listen.” He states as there are so many aspects to engineering, you can branch off into different areas and fields.

“Enjoy what you do, and it will offer you a journey of a lifetime.”

When asked what he is most excited about working at Storm, Raymond stated being part of our ‘dynamic team’ as well as meeting valued clients. He looks forward to the future of Storm Procurement and where the industry is going. He is excited to offer more options to our clients, to our ever-growing market. “We will grow in all sectors as we start to become a full-service provider to our clients, offering services our competitors cannot. I do believe as we grow, we will add to our portfolio.”

Outside of work life, Raymond has many a hobby. From when he was little, he has always loved being active. Anything sport is where Raymond gets his most enjoyment outside of work. Whether this be playing cricket, watching rugby, or playing golf, outside is where he wants to be. Also, as a South African, he enjoys making fires over the weekend and having what South Africans call a Braai, preparing meat over hot coals.

Already after a week, Storm Procurement can see how much of a valuable asset Raymond is to us and we look forward to seeing the future development of his career here.

If you have any questions about pumps, any irrigation systems or are interested in learning more about the type of products we offer, then please get in touch with Raymond as he will offer you unrivalled and expert advice.