Introducing Our Mozambique In-Country Manager
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Recently at Storm Procurement we have opened an office in Mozambique, where we have employed Malin Loof as our In-Country Manager. In this article, we wish to introduce you to Malin as part of our team.

Malin has over 5 year’s experience working in Sub Saharan Africa on multi-sector projects for both the private and public sector including corporates, government, and non-profits. Her main focus areas have been Project Structuring, Public Sector Financing, Partnership Management, and large-scale Procurement and Logistics.

Malin Loof

Malin chose to work in the procurement industry as she developed an interest in procurement, logistics, and supply chain management. Malin especially enjoys working in an industry that does not limit her to any sector; as she sees many opportunities for this industry across Africa. Malin believes her background in international relations has allowed her to gain invaluable skills when it comes to interpretation and understanding of multicultural and multinational environments in both the private and public sectors.

At University she studied International Environment and Marine law this has proved to assist with Malins' ability to analyse and understand national and international policies; and how they apply to various country contexts. This also enables Malin to gain a unique insight into areas such as offshore Oil & Gas regulations as well as sustainability criteria within procurement, which are expanding internationally.

Malin believes her education has rooted her interest in her field of expertise but real value has been gained from her years of experience. She has been exposed to challenging environments which she feels has provided a unique and valuable experience through exposure. This exposure has truly shaped her career.


Due to Malin's background in law, she began her career in non-profit sectors in Mozambique, working with environmental organisations in both legal and project aspects. Following this, she entered the private sector where Malin was involved in various development projects across Tanzania, Madagascar, Mozambique, Zambia, and South Africa with the main responsibility of partnership management in public procurement and financing. Whilst working in this role Malin was given the responsibility for all procurement across the group of companies and the various projects, thus taking her procurement experience from regional to global, working largely with Asian and European manufacturers as a link into the public sector in Sub Saharan Africa.


After this Malin returned to Mozambique where she worked as a project management consultant within procurement and logistics in the transportation sector. Then sought out the opportunity to join us at Storm- Malin is most looking forward to having the responsibility of leading and developing a team- and is very excited to be part of a team-based internationally where everyone has their own unique stories across the globe.


When asked about our industry's future Malin said “I see the procurement as being a critical aspect for business costs, but also as a strategy to achieve targets within quality management, environmental management, and many more. It is an industry that can have a key influence on several outcomes of a business.“

Outside of work Malin likes to volunteer for animal rights movements and helps local shelters with marketing, animal rescues, and rehoming animals. On the weekend you will find her on the back of a horse galloping down the beach. When asked about what skills she finds invaluable for her job she said “Managerial skills, Relationships building, time management, multi-tasking, planning” and offers anyone who is considering moving into our field of industry that building relationships is key and forming trust within those relationships.”


If you have any further questions or would like to speak to Malin directly then please feel free to email her at [email protected]


We hope you enjoyed reading about Malin and you look forward to our next staff feature!