Interview with our MD Paul Alexander in Oil Review Africa 2018
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Interview with our MD Paul Alexander in Oil Review Africa 2018

We are very excited to see the interview with our MD Paul Alexander in the November issue of Oil Review Africa. In the interview, Paul discusses with them the importance of the African Market to us here at Storm Procurement as well as the role of technology in procurement, some of our successes and how we commit to corporate social responsibility. Read a transcript of the interview below:

Efficient Supply Chains Across The Continent

Paul Alexander, managing director of Storm Procurement, talks to Oil Review Africa about the importance of growing its business in African Markets, particularly Angola, Burkina Faso, Nigeria and Ghana.

Why is the African market so important to Storm?

“Our oil and gas team have extensive experience supporting both onshore and offshore operations throughout Africa. Our clients operate in some of the most remote locations and we pride ourselves in being able to deliver on time, allowing their operations to run smoothly and efficiently. One of our offices is in Johannesburg. We also are proud of our partnerships with the UK Angola Chamber of Commerce and US Angola Chamber of Commerce, both are independent non-profit organizations promoting business opportunities between Angola and the UK and US respectively. “

Where do you see as the growth markets for Storm in Africa?

"Our key markets for growth are Oil and Gas, Construction, and Mining, particularly in Angola, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, and Ghana. Our partnership with Grainger and Cromwell as a distributor in Africa allow us to procure competitively and internationally for local needs. Although we are not limited or restricted to vendors in the products that we procure & supply. “

What role does technology play in procurement?

“A dedicated Storm Procurement team continuously develops advanced technologies, delivering cost savings and increased efficiencies to clients. OnePortal is the name our online integrated real-time procurement portal which, once fully developed, will allow clients to search stock, raise quotes and track KPI's. Technology plays a major role in our systems and efficiency including a dynamic enterprise resource planning tool. “

What have been some of the company's biggest successes in Africa?

“We’ve been supplying the Newmont Ghana operation for 9+yrs, Newmont looked to us to leverage our experience, technology and resources to provide a streamlined supply chain network with advanced automated systems and international sourcing through our strategically placed offices and warehouses facilities. The challenged involved lowering the cost of overall supply chain acquisition as quickly as possible, reducing the costs associated with procurement whilst also ensuring stakeholders still received a high level of service with no impact to production. The experience of our expert teams has made this a success. What we have achieved there – and continue to achieve- has really allowed Newmont to focus its services and efficiency through-out both of its Ghana operations as well as add enhancements to the supply chain as they required. “

Do you have any corporate social responsibility or charity programmes that you'd like to share with the readers?

“Absolutely, in 2016 we began an ongoing sponsorship of two school children in the Akyem Ntronang and Yaayaso Amanfrom communities in Ghana. The scholarship programme operates primarily in the Birim North District where the poor make up nearly 20% of the population. This is an area where children have little access to education due to their poverty and there is a shortage of schools. We’re committed to supporting local communities in our operating regions.“

Paul Alexander, Managing Director of Storm Procurement.