International Book Giving Day 2019 - Delivery Day!!!
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International Book Giving Day 2019 - Delivery Day!!!

On our recent trip to Ghana, we made a very special visit to Yayaaso D/A Model School to deliver our favourite childhood books!

Education is so important and we want the children who go to this school to have access to the same books we were privileged to read as children ourselves. 

We also sent with the books a library kit to allow them to set up their own class library and give access to more books for all of the children. There's something special about having a book stamped for you to borrow and enjoy!

These children will be helped on their way in life and be able to read some of the most inspiring and heart-warming stories that we at Storm Procurement read in our childhoods. There are also books about famous inspirational figures throughout history and poetry books to help with the children’s literacy classes.

The books took the long way around so that our very own Shaun Kimpton (International Sales Manager) could deliver them in person and show our appreciation for the important role education plays in building and improving a community. 

We are proud to be working throughout Africa and being able to support the communities we work in is really important to us. We believe when companies are given the choice and the service meets their needs they will choose to make a difference with us, so together we can give back to the communities we work in. We believe in doing this not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s our duty as human beings to strive to improve the world we live in.