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Charity Scholarship Ghana 2018 Update

We are so honoured to be able to continue supporting two children from the Akyem Ntronang and Yaayaso Amanfrom communities in Ghana and were so excited to receive an update about their progress this year.

The scholarship programme operates primarily by BNIP in the Birim North District as part of Mine Maintenance Social Responsibility Project with Storm Procurement. The programme supports two children in the Birim North District to go to school to a tertiary level or learn a trade or vocation.

These children, like many in the district, are from poor families who cannot afford their schooling cost which includes school fees, school maintenance, health insurance, books, pens and uniforms, many of which have to be paid at the beginning of the school year. It is common for people in this area to have jobs which pay by the day; therefore, it is difficult for parents to pay out large sums all in one go, especially for families with three or four children. Hence, why we wanted to offer our support to children from these families.

So, now for the exciting bit, an update on how they are doing:

The children have been making really good progress in their studies at school, making us very proud of them both.

One of the children has been promoted to class three! His class teacher indicates that his school work has improved, but there is more room for continued improvement, so we are looking into how we can help him further with his studies.

The other student we are supporting has been promoted to class five! A consistent and punctual attender, her class teacher was happy about the improvement in her reading ability and her academic performance in general and suggested we get her more storybooks to enhance such improvement!  She was even 1st in her class for French!

It’s truly a privilege to be in a position to help them on their way in life.