Case study on the BOSCH Covid-19 Vivalytic Machine
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Case study on the BOSCH Covid-19 Vivalytic Machine

Our client is a successful high growth gold company who have been operating for over 30 years; with multiple sites across Western Africa. Storm reached out to our client, during the Covid-19 pandemic, regarding the use of the Covid-19 Bosch Vivalytic Machine.

The BOSH machines are a fully automated, cartridge-based platform which are easy to use, conveniently stored and can aid in the reduction of infection and impact of Coronavirus. They enable organisations and individuals to take the recommended any safety precautions. The COVID-19 rapid test targets the E gene sequence for COVID-19 detection in just 39 minutes.

The Product

The new SARS-CoV-2 rapid test will be conducted on Vivalytic, a point of care platform brought to the market by Randox Laboratories and Bosch. The Vivalytic system is a fully automated, cartridge-based platform capable of both Hi-Plex and Lo-Plex infectious disease testing. Each easy to use cartridge contains all necessary reagents, is fully sealed to minimise risk and can be conveniently stored at room temperature.

  • Cartridge based platform
  • Fully-automated
  • Suitable for both non-laboratory & laboratory settings
  • Small footprint device
  • Rapid turnaround from sample entry to results
  • Available as stand-alone or modular with up to 8 platforms with Vivalytic Up


Vivalytic consists of a universal analyser and application-specific cartridges. The cartridge is scanned, loaded with a sample, and inserted into the analyser slot. The test then runs automatically. The results are presented to you at the end.


Clients Insight

 “The PCR Machine allowed us to put in place and perform efficiently throughout the Covid-19 outbreak. Our Expatriates are being tested and receiving their certificates easily with the collaboration of the National Covid Coordination Team. It helped to secure our production, minimising the impact of the outbreak on our workforce. It’s a remote site support system to be short, in Covid-19 prevention.” - Health Expert

COVID-19 Test Results BOSCH Machine