At Storm Procurement, we know the importance of strategic global partnerships to ensure we have the most effective sourcing power. These partnerships give us key relationships in countries around the world meaning better cost savings being passed on to you.


Sahara Mining Solutions (SMS)


Storm Procurement and Sahara Mining Solutions (SMS) struck up a partnership in September 2017 in an attempt to help both companies grow and increase their presence in Mauritania primarily, but also the North West African region.



Having newly formed in 2017, SMS were eager to establish themselves in the North and West Africa region and thus an approach was made towards Storm Procurement to enter into this venture together. SMS have set out with an objective of becoming the first company to provide a complete procurement solution on both a local level and to the local market.

Storm Procurement were pleased to see such an ambitious and forward-thinking project and subsequently were excited to enter into a partnership with SMS, offering continued support and the opportunity to work closely with their team to ensure that we collectively offer the highest levels of efficiency and service to our customers. Further to this, Storm feels that for global industries, such as Mining and Oil & Gas, to develop in Africa it is imperative for the local communities and businesses to thrive, as they forge the foundations from which these industries were built and allow them to continue to go from strength to strength. Therefore, to have the chance to get involved in a partnership with a local entity and be able to assist them where possible to aid their development, Storm did not hesitate in offering our services to SMS.


SMS Office

The SMS office is based in Nouakchott, Mauritania and they also have a well-situated warehouse facility based in the free zone of Nouadhibou, allowing them to maintain a competitive pricing structure for stock that is not burdened by the implications of taxes. The partnership will also prove advantageous to our customers by allowing a greater flexibility in the procurement process, with various tactical locations available from which customers can choose from for their stock to be delivered into, including the previously mentioned in-country option.



With more than 13 years of supply chain and procurement management experience, the SMS team possess a wealth of knowledge and are confident in being able to offer a truly flexible service that will enable them to adapt to their clients’ bespoke needs. When coupling this with the global expertise in supply and logistics that Storm Procurement can provide, we believe that a real impact can be made in simplifying the procurement process.

We look forward to developing this ongoing partnership and are enthusiastic by the prospect of what it may bring for both companies in the future!

If you're interested in working with either Storm Procurement or SMS, please call us on +44 (0) 1923 658599 or email us at [email protected]



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